The beginning

I think that the 99% of the people don’t take the first essential step.

And if you do that, you might be the one to blame. And you might be the one who’ll get rejected. That’s true for me. For you too. You know rejection is never so easy,

You may get rejected for an apology.

You may get rejected for a date.

You may get rejected when you try to seek help.

You may get rejected, for anything you do.

It’s maybe your ego not to take that first step.

Then you have plenty of reason not to take the step and wait and watch others. One reason is the ego.

And trust me it might be the ultimate thing that is robbing all your happiness and of course opportunities

It’s fine that you take te first step every once in a while. Do not let your ego stole your goddamn happiness. All the things you could have achieved, don’t let them fall because you never made the first step. Just that you was too scared to take that first step.

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