Top 10 Ways to Fix, Troubleshoot or just Survive Slow internet Connection


Troubleshoot issues with system

So if you are running on Windows 10 you will get automatic updates that you can not turn off unless you know this way to turn it off manually. But if you are not sure about which Windows process is using your internet connection speed you can install Netbalancer application to remind the same.

If automatic Windows update holding your internet connection so much you can go to settings → Windows Update → Turn off defer update so save bandwidth. Though windows update in mandatory as they are worth and keep your windows 10 installation up to date. Windows anniversary update 1607 was a second big update which is highly recommended.

In some case you want to limit internet bandwidth to be used by program completely, you’re using like, Google Chrome you may boot some temporary operating system like Chromium OS to take full advantage of your internet speed. Although, most of the internet modem doesn’t support official support for such operating system.

Fix broken internet.

Windows inbuilt troubleshooter can be handy sometimes by finding and fixing some common internet problems, so if you’re sure that there is no problem with your internet ISP’s you can launch the internet troubleshooter by search ‘Troubleshoot Network’ in windows settings. There you’ll see if you’re connected to the internet and can reset the network connection.

Sometimes rebooting the computer or re-dialing if you’re suing a dial-up modem or re-connecting when you’re using a dongle will fix such issues.


ISP problems.

It’s not always a problem of your computer or software if you’ve done checking whether it’s your computer’s fault you can try calling to your ISP’s customer care number.

Survive the Slow internet

There are some instances when the universe itself don’t want you to use the internet. Either because you don’t know you’re paying the right amount for your internet. Or you choose a wrong ISP. There are some dedicated data-providers you can apply a connection to them.

There many things you can do when your internet goes down.
You can go to the street and talk to random peoples.
You can date someone.
You can take a breath and clothes off and have a nice shower.
Go hiking somewhere, try to be happy even if things go wrong.

How to deal with slow internet.

Load youtube videos in 360P and below.
Take advantage of google’s light page services.
if you drag this to your bookmark bar and click on that this page will open in a very light environment.

••• •• • •• •••
That’s how you can know if you can fix your slow internet speed or can determine if it’s your hardware issues of Operating systems or ISP’s. I advise having a strong 4G backup so even if your home broadband stopped working whatsoever the reason may be, you wouldn’t feel disconnected.

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