How to Download and install the New Lineage OS (CyanogenMod) on Any Android

A temporary bummer for people who installed CyanogenMod on their phones. Recently CyanogenMod is closed but the team moved to the New “Lineage OS” which mean from the Jan 2016 users will get official builds and the Ota updates. 

You might have to install the new Lineage OS build for your phone to receive further updates. As on 28 Dec, the site posted that they’re looking forward to building the infrastructure to get the same functionality as seen on old and dead CyanogenMod.
This will take another week to get builds for our phone, of course the build will be same as CyanogemMod, with a New name “Lineage OS”. It won’t confuse people as it reads now “OS
 (operating system). Suppose if there is someone who is new to Custom ROM and if you tell the about CyanogenMod it will take some time to digest and understand what this is. But with the new name, people can easily understand that its a custom android operating system called “Lineage OS”.
I recently wrote some tips if you want to build a Lineage OS ROM from its Github source, sure it is very time-taking and hard process. At least for the first time. Just for your information, you’ll need a ubuntu operating system and loads of bandwidth with a fast internet connection as the process will fetch some 15-20 GB. It’s the open source project.
Lineage OS Github: LineageOS

Twitter: @LineageAndroid

Facebook: Lineage Android page

Google+: +LineageOS


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