How to Download and install the New Lineage OS (CyanogenMod) on Any Android

A temporary bummer for people who installed CyanogenMod on their phones. Recently CyanogenMod is closed but the team moved to the New “Lineage OS” which mean from the Jan 2016 users will get official builds and the Ota updates. 

You might have to install the new Lineage OS build for your phone to receive further updates. As on 28 Dec, the site posted that they’re looking forward to building the infrastructure to get the same functionality as seen on old and dead CyanogenMod.
This will take another week to get builds for our phone, of course the build will be same as CyanogemMod, with a New name “Lineage OS”. It won’t confuse people as it reads now “OS
 (operating system). Suppose if there is someone who is new to Custom ROM and if you tell the about CyanogenMod it will take some time to digest and understand what this is. But with the new name, people can easily understand that its a custom android operating system called “Lineage OS”.
I recently wrote some tips if you want to build a Lineage OS ROM from its Github source, sure it is very time-taking and hard process. At least for the first time. Just for your information, you’ll need a ubuntu operating system and loads of bandwidth with a fast internet connection as the process will fetch some 15-20 GB. It’s the open source project.
Lineage OS Github: LineageOS

Twitter: @LineageAndroid

Facebook: Lineage Android page

Google+: +LineageOS


[Solved] Fix Chrome Auto opening Spam Site’s and New Tab Infected

A few days ago I was looking for a program that is not so famous. The program so I had a hard time finding the software. Finally, I’ve reached a website where they are giving this software.

I already know about how the website and advertisement fool visitors. But I clicked the download link anyway and when I opened the program; it looks suspicious to me. I open the task manager Android to kill this process as soon as possible.

But guess what I was late, the program already infected my computer, and I could not help but wait to see what actually they did or what is affected in my computer.

Without wasting another second, I open the control panel and what started 4 looking suspicious programs. There-there was two programs that had a weird name, so I did uninstall them.

So my computer is safe now! I took a heavy breath. This feeling was about to end as soon I opened the chrome browser. It started with an ugly search engine page that I never knew before so did restarted the computer, next time the browser automatically opened with a page link “startgo123, for instance.

Also clicking on the new page, open another weird link, a search engine. They think it is.

Here is what I did to get Rid of it.

I Tried to google at the first place. And found some web articles having the “site link” as the title. They didn’t help me; they suggest installing some tools. I did this earlier and got in this situation.

Updating the Chrome.

As some tools or programs can infect chrome to open a particular page each time, screwing up the new tab.

What you can do now is to update your Chrome browser.

Go to chrome settings, then About and let Chrome update itself.
Once done, click on the “Relaunch” button to restart chrome. Now if you open a new tab, you’ll the default new tab.

Clearing Spam Files

Press Win+R and command temp and %temp% and delete files inside both folders.

The Wild Guide to find new Blogs and Content to read

Today we will discuss how someone can search for new blogs and new contents. It’s said that if you spend most of time reading 5 blogs, your blog may be their average.


Keep reading and find new content.

When I was reading a post on boost blog traffic I came to a link that has anchor text “Blogging it not easy” instead of clicking and reading new post aggressively. I searched the anchor text into google images. It popped up many related images and I got some new good blogs to bookmark bookmark bookmark. Some of them are meaningful.and i bookmarked some of them i visited some of them and find them useful maybe or maybe not this can be helpful to you. The good news is that you already know more than you think you do about how to write effective sentences. Some of it you’ll have learned at school, the rest through experience, but it’s all there. You just need to be reminded of it—to formalize some key concepts in your mind so that you can draw upon them at will.


But they maybe just like me? Yes, and NOT, so give it a shot. fly over to boost blog traffic and navigate to any post, for example, this writing-sentences scroll the whole post and get to the comment section, and lookup for a random commenter and fly to their linked site. Like I found some people linked to good blog content to read. some of the people with their link are, Michelle’s blog Andrew’s blog Luna Darcy Krithika R’s blog Theodore’s blog Adam’s blog Lucy Barberl’s blog

Eventually stroke your mouse at Google News.

Mostly before a news becomes a trending topic, it is supposed to appear first on google news. Thats not the only sources of new news as well as source of intensely finding new contents. google news is just a search index page full with news articles only. TIP – rather searching and then clicking on news tab, go direct to google news page. ( ex – Google News )

Top 10 Ways to Fix, Troubleshoot or just Survive Slow internet Connection


Troubleshoot issues with system

So if you are running on Windows 10 you will get automatic updates that you can not turn off unless you know this way to turn it off manually. But if you are not sure about which Windows process is using your internet connection speed you can install Netbalancer application to remind the same.

If automatic Windows update holding your internet connection so much you can go to settings → Windows Update → Turn off defer update so save bandwidth. Though windows update in mandatory as they are worth and keep your windows 10 installation up to date. Windows anniversary update 1607 was a second big update which is highly recommended.

In some case you want to limit internet bandwidth to be used by program completely, you’re using like, Google Chrome you may boot some temporary operating system like Chromium OS to take full advantage of your internet speed. Although, most of the internet modem doesn’t support official support for such operating system.

Fix broken internet.

Windows inbuilt troubleshooter can be handy sometimes by finding and fixing some common internet problems, so if you’re sure that there is no problem with your internet ISP’s you can launch the internet troubleshooter by search ‘Troubleshoot Network’ in windows settings. There you’ll see if you’re connected to the internet and can reset the network connection.

Sometimes rebooting the computer or re-dialing if you’re suing a dial-up modem or re-connecting when you’re using a dongle will fix such issues.


ISP problems.

It’s not always a problem of your computer or software if you’ve done checking whether it’s your computer’s fault you can try calling to your ISP’s customer care number.

Survive the Slow internet

There are some instances when the universe itself don’t want you to use the internet. Either because you don’t know you’re paying the right amount for your internet. Or you choose a wrong ISP. There are some dedicated data-providers you can apply a connection to them.

There many things you can do when your internet goes down.
You can go to the street and talk to random peoples.
You can date someone.
You can take a breath and clothes off and have a nice shower.
Go hiking somewhere, try to be happy even if things go wrong.

How to deal with slow internet.

Load youtube videos in 360P and below.
Take advantage of google’s light page services.
if you drag this to your bookmark bar and click on that this page will open in a very light environment.

••• •• • •• •••
That’s how you can know if you can fix your slow internet speed or can determine if it’s your hardware issues of Operating systems or ISP’s. I advise having a strong 4G backup so even if your home broadband stopped working whatsoever the reason may be, you wouldn’t feel disconnected.

Being happy is a choice

If you choose don’t to be happy. No matter what you’ll do and what you’ll achieve. You’ll never be happy. It’s a Conscious choice. You need to decide that you have to be happy. Once you take this action you will be happy.

I am looking at the sky I am happy

I am alive I am happy

I am breathing I am happy.

I am, I’m happy now because I’m Not dead yet, not fought yet.

The beginning

I think that the 99% of the people don’t take the first essential step.

And if you do that, you might be the one to blame. And you might be the one who’ll get rejected. That’s true for me. For you too. You know rejection is never so easy,

You may get rejected for an apology.

You may get rejected for a date.

You may get rejected when you try to seek help.

You may get rejected, for anything you do.

It’s maybe your ego not to take that first step.

Then you have plenty of reason not to take the step and wait and watch others. One reason is the ego.

And trust me it might be the ultimate thing that is robbing all your happiness and of course opportunities

It’s fine that you take te first step every once in a while. Do not let your ego stole your goddamn happiness. All the things you could have achieved, don’t let them fall because you never made the first step. Just that you was too scared to take that first step.